About Us

YWAM - Pescara

We are a pioneer base of YWAM (Youth With A Mission), which we are establishing in a strategic region not only of Italy, or Europe, but of the World. God has placed in our hearts a passion and a unique understanding about his greatest miracle, “Forgiveness and the changes it generates in life.” With this we have developed a model to start and base our activities.


Who We Are

Family Farias - O'Brien

Family Alves - Moura

Family Kathrein - Tiznado

Trinidad Elgueda

Family Caballero


Our Mission & Vision


Provide and facilitate the healthy development of people with a missionary call approaching the community with love, service and cultural understanding. Contribute to the development and activities of the local church. Highlighting and bringing in tone the values that exist in the Kingdom of God.


Establish ourselves as an influence and example of social and cultural coexistence. In addition to cultivating missionaries through the courses and faculties of the UofN.